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That’s a dirty word in our business but what causes buffering? Well actually buffering can be caused by several different reasons, some of them within your control, some of them out of your control, and MOST of them outside of FHD IPTV’s control. Buffering can be caused by poor internet speed, poor WiFi distribution through the home, inferior hardware (ISP provided router or cheap streaming device), ISP maintenance, and if you have a large household simply too many devices streaming at once. In some cases the solution could be as simple as selecting a WiFi channel with less interference. In the post below I’m going to go thru a few other steps that u can take at home to optimize ur home WiFi network.

When a members posts that their streams are buffering and one of our admins responds with “its working fine here”, why do we respond that way? Is it because we’re brushing you off? No of course not. We respond that way to indicate to you that the streams are working fine. If there was an issue with a stream provider, or with FHD IPTV Service in general, then every user would experience issues. If you alone are having issues then the problem is going to be on your end or the ISP's end. From that point it’s up to you to troubleshoot.

You have no control over the ISP's network so when there’s an issue on their end your just going to have to wait it out but you do have control over your home network. Below are a few steps that you can take to optimise your home WiFi network.

1. Make sure that the router and your streaming box are out in the open, free of any obstructions such as books, metal or glass knick-knacks, stone or furniture. If you have a Firestick consider purchasing an HDMI extension. By placing the stick further away from the tv’s heat exhaust and electronic components this could bring better performance to your Firestick. Also, make note of distance from the router. In a home, the further the router is from the streaming device, the more walls and obstacles that the WiFi signal has to penetrate. I discuss possible solutions in step 2 below

2. If your router is in another room, draw a visual line from ur streaming device to your router. Take note of the obstacles that your WiFi has to travel thru. Are there any mirrors hanging on the wall or in front of the wall such as a dresser w/mirror or a vanity. What’s hanging on the walls, glass, metal, or ceramics? What are ur walls made of? Wood panel, shiplap, sheetrock, shiplap covered by sheetrock, or stone can all either absorb, reflect, refract, or outright block ur WiFi signal. If you have any of these materials in your home and your experiencing poor WiFi from one room to the other then you may want to invest in a more powerful router, home mesh solution such as Orbi, powerline adapters or as a last resort a good WiFi extender. Every home is different so maybe your WiFi issues can be fixed by purchasing only one or in some cases more of the items above.

3. Another possible solution is a VPN. In fact due to the low cost of VPN's you may want to try a VPN for one month before buying hardware. The necessity for a VPN varies from location to location. Ever since we switched to different USA servers we’ve haven't needed a VPN to watch our streams, but just because we don’t need a VPN now does not mean that you do not. If you are in the UK then the rules are a bit different. You’ve got a couple of factors working against you, firewall software on your routers (certain ISPs) and your ISPs themselves who block or throttle access to IPTV streams. In most cases, a VPN is needed to bypass the throttling or blockade. Get a vpn to see if it helps, you can try IPVANISH for this. Keep in mind that you need to have a good solid 20-25 Mbps internet connection to stream FHD IPTV. A vpn will drop ur speed by as much as 10 mbps so that means that you need to already have fast internet with bandwidth to spare if you are going to use a vpn.

4. Last but not least, you can get yourself a better streaming device. A Fire stick, believe it or not is a low end device. It’s definitely one of the best low end devices on the market, but it is low end nonetheless. Consider getting a higher end device. It doesn’t have to be fancy like an Nvidia Shield, but maybe a good 2nd gen Fire Box or perhaps a Mi Box that u can purchase for 70 at Walmart. Some of the advantages of buying a good Android box, are better WiFi reception, better processor, and the ability to cable the box straight to the router if u so desire.

These are just a few steps that u can take to further improve your video streaming experience. I know some of you will hate to hear this, but 9 out of 10 times buffering is not our problem. If it was our problem then like I said, every member would experience the same issue. In situations like that, where the issue is with our service, please by all means reach out to us and ask. But before doing so check the group first. There’s a good chance your question has already been addressed.


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